IH3 #713: Twin Peaks Part WTF

Ladies, gents, hashers … lend me your beers.

*promptly drinks all the beer, because birthday pre-lube*
There is a very special treat in store for yas this Sunday, commencing from Chez Head To Toe In Utero at 61 Straits Corners Rd. Candor NY.  In celebration of our 33rd trip ’round the sun, Head and yours truly will be setting part WTF of the sorta pretty much annual Twin Peaks hash.  Trail commences at 2:69pm.
Additionally!  Additionally!  Our lovely PG will have a Steak & BJ ?check ?on-after ?stop … we should probably hammer out the details on that but there shall be steak!  And BJs!  And naked PG!
OK, I’m not sure if she was planning to be naked but usually she’s good for a flashin’ at least.
This is PART THREE of a what could be an exceptionally hash-tastic weekend:
Friday!  Trail #69 with SOH4 (Floss, Nurse, Head and Kicky (?) are all attending.  Anybody else? … work out carpooling as ye will!)
Saturday!  Green Dress Run with the wanks from Flour City!
Sunday Funday!  Twin Peaks Part WTF.
On-Three Hash Birthday Weekend Throwdown Extravaganza!