IH3 #711: Kick VD in the Face!

Good hashers, bad hashers (rawr), C*ms Latelys, DFLs, FRBs … in expression of my extreme disdain for the non-holiday which has again stricken us with its presence, Twerky and Nurse TaKillYa give you the Kick VD in the FACE Hash, to commence this Sunday at 1:69 HST (sorry Kicky) in Shindagin Hollow.  The hash will convene at the 2nd parking lot on Braley Hill Rd (see d’erections below and look for an assembly of disturbed inviduals in varying states of dress, two of whom will be covered in flour.  Duh.).
GUESS WHAT I haven’t been up there to see how far down the road we can get with vehicles, and who knows what the weather will bring in the interim, so in the event of sh*tty road conditions we will meet further up the road.  Just go down on Braley (hehehe) until you see hashers.
From Ithaca: take NY 79 East for 7 miles and turn right (South) on Boiceville Rd. (if you got as far as Slaterville Springs on 79, you went too far). A half mile later Boiceville Rd ends at a T with Central Chapel Rd. Turn left at T (still south) onto Central Chapel Rd. After 2.5 miles you come to a Y intersection with Shindagin Hollow Rd and Braley Hill Rd, Shindagin Hollow is within these two roads.
The theme!  The theme!  We love themes!  Between now and Sunday crawl about in the recesses of your mind and dig up the (likely repressed) most embarassing or ridiculous anecdote you’ve experienced related to Valentine’s Day, your pathetic love life, or romantic escapades in general.  We’ll be playing a little game.
Additionally, if you have any artifacts of love (or not so much love) lost and passed which you would like to dispose of in a truly hash-tastic fashion, please bring these as well.  Keep in mind you will have to carry it for a portion of trail, so best to leave so-and-so’s IKEA headboard in the basement, unless you’re stupid and enjoy that sort of punishment.  Whatever floats your boat.  The hares have other surprises in store for you, but you know too much already!
ADDITIONALLY, Head to Toe in Utero has offered up her humble abode for a Panty Raid, Strip Scattergories, Flyin’ Feathers Slumber Par-tay on Saturday at approximately 9pm!  She lives at REDACTED BY NSA.  Put snow chains on your tires if you intend to try summitting the driveway.  (Pro Tip : get a running start.)   Bring raunchy movies, alcohol, your favorite slumber party game, and a pillow/blanket.  Also, know that Nurse totally calls her usual spot on the couch.  Twin bennies.  There is, however, a lot of crash space and multiple couches.  🙂
On-on-on-to Sunday Funday!

Twerky and Nurse TaKillYa