IH3 #709: Dopey Lance Armstrong Hash!

Hello all my little Hounds!

Trail is ON-ON this Sunday!

With your favorite Hare: Head-To-Toe-In-Utero and her eager beaver co-hare Brown Hole Delivery (MWHAHAHAHAH!)

Where do we meet you ask?: The Rhine House!! (corner of W. Seneca and Fulton, Downtown Ithaca, it’s a bar people!)

When?: 13:69 or (1:69 PM Hash time)

Theme?: Um, yes! This Sunday marks one year that Lance Armstrong admitting to doping in ALL his Tour De France wins. This will be our “Doped Lance Armstrong Hash!” Bring out all your old Armstrong gear that has been collecting dust in the closest, wear bike gear (safety third!), or just come doped up. I know, easiest theme EVAH! You’re welcome.
Trail Length: ~4 miles

Weather is going to be shiggy, you might want to dress for it (Like bike shorts and a yellow tank)

I know what you are thinking, “An Urban Hash? Really Head?” YES! This trail will not disappoint, there actually WILL be warm BNs and a warm ON-IN… The beer will still be Shitty, unless you want to buy your own. Which reminds me, bring your ID and some extra cash 🙂 Dogs are allowed, but obviously need a leash. They also may not be accepted into the warm BNs or ON-IN. So, bring your pooch at your own risk.
Did I miss anything? Probably. Just show up and drink beer.

ON-what number is this?-ON

Head and Brownie