IH3 #692: Red-White-and-Booze Hash!

When: Sunday, July 7th

Start Time: 1pm HST (earlier than normal!)

Start Location: Foster Pond parking lot in Hector National Forest

 located at the corner of Potomac Road and Chicken Coop Road
Cost: $8 (the extra moolah is to drink/eat at the Ladybug Pub; $5 if you’re just doing trail, you lame-o)
'Murica's fur 'Muricans.

What’s more patriotic than running through the shiggy, drinking copious amounts of beer, and then having a pool party?
Doing it while wearing your most patriotic outfits, of course!
Put on your red, white, and blue. Stick a feather in your cap. And wave your ‘Murk’n flags. We’re a’hashin’!

Trail starts early (1pm!) so that we can hop/skip/jump a few country blocks over and party at the Ladybug Pub afterwards. Bring your swimsuit (or not), a towel, and a few extra $ if you wanna suck on the kegs at the pub (of course you do). The Ladies can’t help their compulsive need to make food, but if you wanna bring a dish-to-pass or food to grill it won’t be turned away!

Virgins, Comes-Latelies, well-hung Uncle Sams, and dogs are welcome (bring a leash for any of those mentioned!). We’ll even allow Bobbitts to show up for the pool party!

Call/text 607.342.1341 if you can’t find trail or wanna meet up. I’ll help you find us. You can pay me back later.

On-amber waves of grain, b*tches,