IH3 #691: 4% Solstice, 96% Stupid

Hashers! You are invited to come out and bask in the copious amounts of daylight during the 2013 Suburban Summer Solstice Hash, when we’ll celebrate Midsummer’s Eve with our best pagan traditions and a bit of Lithuanian flair. We will thank the gods of nature for all the good things the sun gives us, such as wheat, barley, and hops! And of course, we need virgins to sacrifice, so bring as many as you can find! Sun god will be angry if it gets no virgins.

As a suburban hash, trail will be a bit of this and that: roads, off-road trails, grass, deer paths, shiggy, mud…nothing too wet (unless it’s raining). A good pair of bad-ass, shiggy-proof, tick-repellant socks are in order, as the nature gods have seen fit to bestow upon us plenty of nasty blood sucking bastards as well.

Trail starts at 2:69 HST on Sunday, June 23 in the parking lot for the Vincent and Hannah Pew Trail on Snyder Hill Road (in Ithaca), very near the intersection of Snyder Hill and Pine Tree Roads, across from some horse barns. The address is approximately 111 Snyder Hill Road. That’s right, we’re back in the same neighborhood as the last hash, but with lots of new terrain. Not hard to find, but if you get lost you can call 802-233-2752.

Any other relevant information? Dogs? They’ll need some leashes. Length? ~5-5.5mi. true trail.

On On!

4% Erectus