Hash #978 -cancelled

Trail #978 (off-schedule trail) Cum in my Full Moon

Date changed due to poor scheduling of weather on the part of one of the hares. Not saying it’s Spike’s fault, but it probably is.

Your Hares Cumboy Wonder and Spike invite you to a spectacular full moon hash on Monday Tuesday 1/18/2022 starting at 6:39 pm at the top of the parking garage at 235 S Cayuga St.

This is a wolf moon and and an Ice moon or in pagan circles an old moon. Hash attire according to where you may connect. I would estimate this trail to be between 1 and 69 miles long.

Notes: No pups as we will be in pubs.

Please have your vaccine card or a photo of. IDs would be good as well.

Extra cash if you want more to drink than we are offering.

On after is wherever we can find a place that is open.

This Hash is on Harrier Central App. If you are on the app let me know so I can add you to our kennel. If you need the app then go to the app store and get it.