Hash #977

Break out your radiation suits, dust off your elephant’s feet, and charge up your Pipboys as Crawdaddy Cooter and Red, White, and Blueballs present IH3 trail #977:

“A 3 Mile Wetland Disaster”

We will meet in the parking lot of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology at Sapsucker Woods.

We will run .75 miles to a beer near.

We will then run .75 miles to a shot stop.

Afterwards we will run .75 miles to another beer near.

Finally, we will run .75 miles back to the parking lot.

An actual 3 mile disaster.

When: Sunday, Jan 9th

Start time: 12:69 (note early start time!!)

Hash cash: $5 Cash only, as there is No Venmo or PayPal thanks to new tax laws. Bottle caps not accepted.