Hash #844


Costumes + Beer + Hashing = Halloweenie!
Saturday evening, October 28

2 options:
1) 6pm Trumansburg
Meet at Floss’ house in T-burg at 5:69pm HST. Drop your overnight bags and take the Ho Bus into Ithaca (show the bus driver your tits for free rides). Hash around Ithaca and get a ride back on the Ho Bus at 10pm for after party at T-burg bars.

2) 7pm Downtown Ithaca
Meet downtown Ithaca at FLX Fitclub (619 W Clinton St) at 6:69pm HST. Hash around Ithaca until 9:30pm-ish then either leave your car and hop the Ho Bus for a ride to Tburg someone you sleep with will probably bring you back in the morning) OR wave goodbye to the Ho Bus, sober up at a bar somewhere, and drive your ass home.

$10 hash cash gets you all the BNs, shot stops, and bar beer along trail that you want. Costumes are non-negotiable. ID should be taken on trail. Virgins welcome!

Let the Sheet Show begin!


****If you’re heading to Floss’ to ride the Ho Bus into town, don’t be late. He says he’s leaving at 6:30pm!
If you’re staying in Ithaca, we’re meeting at 7pm at FLX Fitclub (619 W Clinton St). I’ll have a cooler of good stuff if you get there early. Trail leaves promptly at 7:09!

Return trip will be around 9:30 HST.





On After After at My house!
Disco Ball! Hot Tub! Crash space!
Shit Talkie

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