HASH# 1034

Ithaca’s 35th Analversary Trail!!!
Your hare’s, BVD & Over The Hillary, cordially invite you wankers to Trail #1034, IH3’s 35th Analversary Trail (Observed). On Oct. 2, 1988, a motley band of beer lovin’ runners boldly gathered and ran IH3’s Trail #1 at Ithaca College and our kennel was born. So, dig out your IH3 swag, because we will revisit those hallowed grounds. We will continue to stagger through our kennel’s tricenarian years together, by observing our 35th Analversary with beer and shiggy and beer and other intoxicants and more shiggy (and maybe a piece of habby too) this Sunday, Oct. 1, 2023 with a woodland trail set in the hinterlands of Ithaca College.
Hares: BVD & Over The Hillary
Hash Cash: $5 / Virgins are free. Puppers are welcome, but should be leashed at times.
When: 10/01/23 at 2:69 HST
Where: Ithaca College, near terrace 13
Pin Drop: