Hash #805

Trail will commence from the FLT parking lot on Daisy Hollow Rd., at the intersection with Cunningham Hill Rd at 2:69.


WANKERS! FALSE TRAIL. This IH3 site is retired, though content will remain. LONG LIVE IH3.WORDPRESS. VISIT US HERE —///—> 

IH3 #748: Farewell to February Trail

When: Sunday March 1st Time: 1:69pm HST Where: Plantations parking lot at the intersection of Caldwell & Forest Home Drive We have survived the worst of all the months. F*ck February and everything that it brings with it. Let’s celebrate the 1st of March…

IH3 #743: Arctic Chill Reprieve Trail!

Hey hey! Sunday, January 18th is a hashing day! Woo hoo! Here are zee detrails for for your drinking and running pleasure… Hares: Spike and Tasty Where: the parking area just off route 13 on Willow Ave in Ithaca, next to the train tracks,…

Space Cadet Hash is On!

As new hares have been found, the April Twentieth Return of Son of Space Cadet Hash is on! 2:69pm at the Juniper Drive entrance to the South Hill Rec Way. Our thanks to those irresponsible enough to make it happen.

The De-flouring & -briefing of Just Alex

A certain fellow — recently rumoured to have comported himself in a sprinkler-like fashion during one Saturday night not long ago in a tent with two other grown men and possibly several animals — has decided he will set trail this Sunday through the…

We’re in it for fun

Posted lately by one of our own dearly-loved and loving half-minds: “Hashing is a state of mind – a friendship of kindred spirits joined together for the sole purpose of reliving their childhood or fraternity days, releasing the tensions of everyday life, and generally,…

Ithaca Hash #625

It’s official: Summer has arrived in Ithaca. With it comes the Ithaca Festical! (Yes, that’s THIS weekend!) What better way to celebrate the first festival of the summer than to hash right THRU it?!? Join WowMomWow and PG for an off-week hash THIS Sunday…

Jögging Hour Resumes Wednesday 5/18/11 @ 5:57PM

The spring is upon us, and Jögging Hour resumes. Casual group, leisurely pace; no one left behind. Meet at 5:57PM downtown on the Commons, near Simeon’s. Look for half-minds. Don’t be late; we leave around six.

Ithaca Hash #601: PG & The Parentals @ Buttermilk!

HASH #601 Sunday August 8th 2:69pm HST Start location: Back entrance to Upper Buttermilk State Park. Click here for map. We’re keepin’ it in the family! For the last hash before the weekend, join hares PG, Just Kat, and Just Ron for a romp!…