The De-flouring & -briefing of Just Alex

A certain fellow — recently rumoured to have comported himself in a
sprinkler-like fashion during one Saturday night not long ago in a
tent with two other grown men and possibly several animals — has
decided he will set trail this Sunday through the wilds of Six Mile

Since such things should not go completely un-supervised (for obvious
reasons) and since Mismanagement wishes to assure the pack that trail
will be thoroughly sh*tty (and somehow avoiding CoCo-like uses of
flour and year-old keg beer), it is resolved that Just Alex will be
assigned much hhhomework before laying flour upon the trails of the
Ithaca Watershed. With some luck, there will be a downpour, as we are
told that trail conditions are not nearly sh*tty enough right now.

Meet us at 2:69PM at the end of Juniper Drive this coming Sunday, not
far from the South Hill Rec-way*.
If we’re lucky, we might get to the bottom of Just Alex.

Keeping reality far and BEER NEAR,


* Erectionally challenged? Head out of downtown on 96B South. Take a
left on Coddingtown Road, and the first left past the lower IC