Hash #991

Wankers :

It’s that time again where you get 2-4-1 hash trail credits. Join the  Homer campout crew for a romp in Bear Swamp State Forest. There will be some shiggy plus plenty or opportunities to stretch your legs on the fine trail network.

We are starting near the Colonial Lodge at 10:69 (or 11:09 for those hash-time challenged). Expect multiple BNs and SSs and a T-E or two. 

On after is the Colonial Lodge about a 100 meters from the parking area! We might have an opportunity to swim later – still under construction!

You will get trail credit for both hashes (IH3 & SOH4). Cost is free for Homer campers and only $5.00 for all day cumers.

On swamp (albeit dry) hareKickStand

Out and about. Short and sweet. iPhone mail.