Hash #943

Sunday is a Hashing Day!!!!
Earlier start: 12:69

Come one come all to a spectacular day of mindless fun and debauchery!

This day will be a Zodiac Trail!!!

Come and showcase your element….R U Cardinal, Mutable, Fixed……OK I am fixed in more ways than one. (CumBoy Wonder’s words. 😃 )

Trail will begin at the Mulholland Wildflower Preserve off Giles St.

$5 (hc@ithacah3.org  or Venmo @HCIH3) will get you shiggy, beer, maybe a shot….or shot…..

Bring your virgins(free), bring your pups…with a leash available. 12:69 is the time!!!!!!!

CumBoy Wonder and co-hare Shiggy Shaman