Hash #929

Trail this Sunday at 2:69 HST

Meet in the parking lot behind the former Buffalo Wild Wings on Rt 13

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Nobody knows us the way Cuomo does: we New Yorkers are Smart, Loving, United, and Tough. This Sunday, let’s celebrate being NY SLUTs the way only hashers can. There will be BEER! There will be SHOTS! There will be TAIL…. I mean…. TRAIL!

What to bring: Masks, Shiggy Socks, Your Own Vessel for Shots, Your Own Snacks, and, Mindfulness about social distancing.

Hash Cash is $5. Pay online via PayPal – hc@ithacah3.org  or Venmo @HCIH3

Leashed pups and virgins are OK. I’ll bring Hand Sani.