Hash #883

Shave Your Date – January 12, 2019

Floss’s 18th Anal … YES 18!!! … First of the Screw Year Hash

Cum one!
Cum all!
Cum with ME!!! … as I lead you through the slums of Trumansburg on another…

…. Floss’s Anal Screw Year Hash!!!

SATURDAY, January 12, 2019

12:69 HST- note the earlier start time

8 Corey St

Hash Cash for this event is $15.00, due to the below…

There will be BEER!
There will be trail!
( let’s see how many we can lose on trail this year. LOL)
There will be Champagne!
There will be fun shit to do! (Just kidding)
There will be food! (anybody remember how many sheet pizzas we went through last year?)
There will be a KEG!
There will be SEX! (most likely not for me though … as is typical)
There will be hot tub shenanigans!!! (I hope…lol One way, or another, I’ll get the bitch fired up this year…if only for a day. lol)

There will be crash space …. of sorts…..

Bimbos can all pile into my bed. (Just leave room for me……lol)


I can’t believe that I have been hosting you Wankers for 18 years. Lol