Hash #813

How was your 2016? Did it suck as much as mine did? Well, let’s get drunk and forget it ever happened! January 1st is the perfect time to symbolically start anew and rededicate ourselves to the tenets of the Hash House Harriers!
1) To promote physical fitness among our members -///–> get ready for a couple easy miles around the renown flatness of Ithaca!

2) To get rid of weekend hangovers -///–> it IS New Year’s Day – if you’re not hungover, you did it wrong

3) To acquire a good thirst and satisfy it with beer -///–> $5 gets you all the beer and shots I provide!

4) To persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel -///–> we are all a year older, let’s feel our younger members! Wait, what?
Please join your hares, Tastes Like 10th Grade and Shittalkie, in welcumming Babe New Year!
Where: The parking lot behind Bool’s Flower Shop, 209 N Aurora St., Ithaca, NY
When: 1:69hst
Cost: $5
Theme: Baby New Year, of course! Wear your fuzzy onesies, drink from a bottle, wear a bib and diaper if that’s your jam, mammorize an inappropriate toast to share – most importantly: be warm and safety third!
Dogs will need to be leashed for ALL of trail so be forewarned! Virgins may be leashed if their sponsor deems them worthy.