Hash #777

SATURDAY, Jan 2 — Special SATURDAY Hash!

Floss brings us the Anal Screw Year Hash!

Cum one!
Cum all!
Cum OFTEN!!!
….To Floss’s Anal Screw Year Hash!!!
(I have no idea what number this is…but it’s a LOT! lol)
SATURDAY, January 2, 2016   1:69 HST
At Chez Floss
Hash Cash for this event is $15.00, due to the below…
There will be BEER!
There will be trail!
There will be Champagne!
There will be fun shit to do! (Just kidding)
There will be food!
There will be a KEG!
There will be hot tub shenanigans!!! (I hope…lol)
There will be crash space …. of sorts. (Don’t sleep in front of Thank You, Puke Again….you have been warned)
Bimbos can all pile into my bed. (Just leave room for me…or Safety Dog…lol)