Hash #772

Costumes + candy + beer = PG’s favorite holiday

You don’t have to RSVP. PG will party whether you’re there or not.
You don’t have to drink. I promise it’ll be fun even without alcohol.
You don’t have to run. Especially if you’re wearing f*ck me boots.
You DO have to wear a costume…or PG will costume you.

The Rave starts at Nurse & Brownie’s place above Bool’s Flower Shop (Aurora St) around 7:30p. There will be music. There will be food. There will be beer. Trail will leave at 8:30pm HST for points unknown. Yes you will need ID. Yes you will need a costume.

Bring: $10 hash cash, YOUR ID, sleeping bag & air mattress if you’re staying overnight
Leave: your dignity, your dog, your inhibitions

Expect to walk (not run unless you want to). Expect shot stops and BNs. Expect FREE* drinks all night (*FREE = shitty) Expect to go into bars and be CARDED (even if you’re as old as dirt, Kickstand).

If you need a costume, PG has bins upon bins of options. You must stop by her place between 5p – 7p to be outfitted!