Hash #761–762


For those of you not attending any other hashy awesomeness this weekend, there will be a TWICE IN A BLUE MOON HASH for you super special harriers.

FRIDAY NIGHT 7/31/15 – cum to Foster Pond on Potomac rd in the Fingerlakes National Forest (Finger Lakes National Forest
5272–5598 Potomac Rd, Trumansburg, NY 14886
United States) to experience the first blue moon of summer.

Arrive early to set up your tents and start the pregame! It’s camping so bring stuff you need like—> cranium lights, a tent, dry clothes, maybe food you like because I’m only providing basic shit like hot dogs, smores, beer, cookies, fire dancing, skinny dipping, beer, shots, orange food, and most importantly, beer. Flotation devices encouraged.

Fatboy Trail starts when it’s dark, so like, 9:something O’clock.
Hash cash is $5
Dogs welcome
Virgins must use the buddy system!

Same location to start!
You may also camp over!
$5 hash cash
This will be a regular length trail, whatever the hell that means!