Hash# 1041

Trail# 1041: Saturday, Dec 9, 2023 – The 12 SHOTS of Hashmas Route 69 Edition!

Hoes! Hoes! Hoes! Cum ye merry wanks to The 12 SHOTS of Hashmas! ~ set by your jolly hares: BVD, Gashby, Flowbie, & Layzher! On *SATURDAY* Dec. 9th at 12:69 HST (Yep, that’s 1:00 pm EST). Why SATURDAY? Because we plan to pickle your liver with 12 shots of spirits on this road trip inspired by boozy drinks from across the U.S. Of A. Cum dressed for the season or in your favorite ugly sweater and be prepared drink, drink, and be merry as we sing hashy carols on our way.

Hash Cash: $10 ($5 off for Virgins)
*RSVP’s appreciated via posting a naughty holiday meme.
**Dogs on leash, Virgins (leash ‘em too), and cums latelies are encouraged.
***How do I pay to party? 1. CASH preferred!
OR send e-payments via…
2. Venmo BVD as a friend/family ONLY and just put your hash name in the comments @bvd-lyman-16 [last 4 of my cell# 9758];
3. Paypal BVD at @Lyman773 (josephlymanmsw@gmail.com) & as friend/family ONLY and just put your hash name in the comments.

Where: Parking lot adjacent to the Ithaca Dog Park and Allan H. Treman State Marine Park on Allan Treman Park Rd in Ithaca, NY.

Dropped pin:

Parking lot