HASH #1023

What: Trail 1023: An American Trail: Ithaca Goes West Part 3: Gold Rushin’
Hares: Reverse Penguin/Miss D’Erection/I’d Climb That/Happy Ending(Who is probably just finding out as she reads this)
When: 7/2/2023 (12:69HST)
Where: Reverse Penguin and Miss D’Erection’s Place 3390 Beeman Hollow RD Addison, NY https://goo.gl/maps/jXS6rshqC4efcZkn8
Cost : $5
Dust off your spurs and tack up that horse for the 3rd annual Ithaca goes west trail. Will there be shiggy?: Yes! Will there be hills?: It will be like you never left Ithaca. Will there be much chicanery and jollification? You bet your ass! So break out that cowboy hat and head a little west for this rootin’ tootin’ good time. On After will be on site so bring a dish to pass or count on the generosity of others.

Parking: There is parking along the driveway as well as a lower parking area or you can park out by the barn.