Hash #1020

Hey there wankers. Sunday is a hashing day. The zodiac has changed. Under the sign of Gemini, the theme of the trail will be twins. Come dressed as your favorite hasher or any hasher really(We don’t need a bunch of penguins running through the woods) Come dressed as each other or if you’re really arrogant, I guess you can come dressed as yourself (You will be severely booed).

In the spirit of twinning we recommend that you carpool. It saves gas. It saves the environment. So come to this trail set by B.V.D., Gashby, and Reverse Penguin

Leashes for Dogs required (And bags to clean up poop). Leashes for Virgos recommended.


Hares: B.V.D., Gashby, and Reverse Penguin

Where: Fischer Old-growth Forest Natural Area

Pin Drop: https://goo.gl/maps/dbpq3jyF7BdTeXYP7

When: 5/28/2023 1:69PM

Hash Cash: $5 (Virgins Free)

Parking: We have permission to park at the event center across the street. DO NOT PARK on the left hand side where the business entrance and Louella’s Space sign is. B.V.F.C. it is right on 13.

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