Hash #1016

Cum One, Cum All, Cum as You Are

Crawdaddy Cooter and Miss D’Erection want to see you as your true selves, the you that is deep (deep) inside that only hashers get to see. Let out your inner weirdo and dress as your name for hashy fun! There will be beer, and shots, and a bar stop, so no dogs allowed (cry emoji) but virgins are welcome if they are properly attired. This is going to be a long one folks, my knee is 100%, and I won’t spin you that bullshit about “don’t worry, it’s only 3 miles, you’ll be fine”. There will be lots of shiggy and water crossings (expect to get wet), so cum prepared.

Hares: Crawdaddy Cooter & Miss D’Erection

Where: Fall Creek Falls 

When: Sunday April 2nd @ 1:69 pm

Cost: $5