Hash #1013

Dear wankers, wankerettes, wankies, wankeroos, woofles, poofles, boofers, and just plain wanks, 

You are invited to the 1013th running of the Ithaca Hash House Harriers: Plaidypussy’s Boof-a-roo! We’re cumming to the ass-end of winter, though the groundhog down in Pennsylvania seems to think it’ll drag on for another month or so.  You know what I say? Blow it out yer ass! Or blow it up your ass! You choose. It’s the great Boof-a-roo! We made it through Valentine’s Day (I made it through another birthday). You’ll make it though the Winter Hash (or as I like to call it “Hinter Wash”) this Saturday. Meat me at Chez Plaidy at 12:69 Sunday February 19th for a mellow trail through my neighbors’ yards. There will be beer, shots & safety!

Afterwards there will be soup and salad, etc. to share with meaty and vegan and gluten free options. Feel free to bring a dish to pass. 

Butt, wait, there’s more!! This is also the debut of Plaidy’s Hot Box! After trail we’ll get the brand new woodfired sauna cranked up and you can get sweaty in my hot box all night long. Sweat out the booze you consumed at Winter Hash! Bring a towel to sit on and a towel to dry off with. Bring a water bottle for sitting in the sauna. Bring flip flops and a robe if you like, or a nice change of clothes to lounge in after. Bring a virgin for everyone to rub up against. The sauna fits 6 people or 16 hashers…

No dogs, please, since we’re getting permission to go through people’s yards. I don’t want to rile up the local dogs, chickens, turkeys, geese,  horses, cats, fox, coyote, etc. 

Hash Cash: $10, virgins are free

12:69 pm please note the early start

378 E Enfield Center Rd Ithaca NY 14850

Dropped pin