Hash #1003

World Peace thru Beer with your transcontinental hare, Shiggy Shaman

When: Sunday, Oct 23rd at 12:69

Where: Shiggy’s abode at 205 White Church Rd., Brooktondale. Pin drop HERE.

In October, World Peace thru Beer is celebrated by kennels worldwide on the closest hashing day to United Nations Day, which is Oct 24th. We’re cumming pretty damned close to the real date this Sunday and we won’t let the World Peace thru Beer contingent down! There will be beer from a bare minimum of 2, let me repeat, 2 cuntries! Maybe more! Are you feeling lucky? Well, hold my beer, while I go shopping at beer distributors around the globe in the days leading up to Sunday!

Hash cash is the usual super low-low cold hard cash price of $5. Leashed puppers and free virgins are welcome.

Bring your IDs, if you want alllll the beer on trail. (And Spike encourages you to bring extra cash, if you want ice cream.)

There’s some parking at the base of my driveway and the rest should be on the mailbox side of the road in front of my house.