Hash #1001

It’s cumming…it’s cumming…it’s cumming!!!

That’s right wankers and wankerettes.

Ithaca Hash House Harriers is pleased to offer up the celebration of our 1,000th Trail ….. being held on the 1,001st trail …. because that’s just the way we roll …. is this weekend!

Here’s the official pin drop for the start for all of you that have been chomping at the bit. 

Speaking of chomping at the bit ….. we implore you to respond to these posts and emails and let us know that you are cumming (by not responding you run the risk of not having enough beer out on trail. Sacrilege!).

 Also, let BVD know what you are bringing to munch on at the On-After.

WHERE: Shindagin Hollow State Forest
WHEN: SATURDAY, October 1st
START: 12:69 HST
HASH CASH: $20 (this includes a super cool long sleeve shirt) ($5 discount for virgins and anyone providing sexual favors to Floss 😜)

Your hares, Kickstand and Floss, are excited to show you how much fun can be had, (and WHO can be “had” 😳), in Shindagin Hollow State Forest.

Hell, I’m even going to provide Kicky with an extra cup of flour for setting Trail.  😂🤣😜🤭