Full F*** Moon Hash @ Treman this weekend!

Wankers, Scalawags, Perverts, Scofflaws, Ne’er-Do-Wells, R***ers, Drunkards, Half-Minds one and all!

Trail! Yes, indeed there is trail this weekend. I figure it best to have it Sunday at the usual 3pm HST, given the late notice. However, elements of the hash collectively agreed that Saturday hashes would not be out of the question, so if there is *overwhelming* interest in hashing Saturday, devolving into a party/BBQ, I would certainly acquiesce.

In any case, trail will start at Upper Treman State Park. You will find trail just off Route 13 South, off of Van Ostrand Road.
Google Map: http://tinyurl.com/3bm976

Wankers will be urged to dress in a style befitting this month’s full moon name – the Buck Moon – so named because now is the season when the young bucks get their first pair of antlers and start rutting like a hasher at a weekend.

If y’all behave, there will be enough silliness for all of us.