Ithaca Hash #671: Mammaries of Space Cadet

Details: Mark your calendars all you wank and wank-etts. Next Sunday at 1:69 HST is the trail lain by Oakus and Head! Trail is going to be in Spooky Shiggy Shindagin Hallow National Forest. But, no worries…. There is to be hash terrain that has not see a beer or hasher in quite a loooonng time. So! Bring your best costume, your scary faces (no costume needed Flossil), and your drinking bones; because we are sure to have a great time at our HALLOW-WEENIE HASH!!!

For those of you that know this area well, its on Shindagin Hollow Rd, just keep going; you will find it….eventually…..BAWAWAHAHAHAHAA!!!
Oh and I am going to try and conjure up some awards for the best costume, scariest, that sort of thing; so lets DRESS UP!!!!
I hope the hyper-links work for ya, I really suck at that…. This one time at band camp……

~Head to Toe

D’erections: D-erections- This one takes you up 79 to Slaterville area.
Route from 79

The easier way…
Route from 96b,
This takes you up past Ithaca College on 96B. Then just a left on Prospect Valley and follow until you see HHH or some funny looking people.

If you get lost, you can try and call my cell- 607-339-6713, but the banjos will be way too loud for me to hear you so… ride with a buddy!