Ithaca Hash #649: Steak & BJ Day!

Fillets and f*ll*tio!
Sirloin and s*cking!
It’s an official holiday…
And what more could a hasher ask for?

Join harriettes Porcelain Goddess and Dong of the Dead as we lay the 3rd EPIC Steak and Bl*wj*b Hash!
SUNDAY MARCH 18th! 2:69pm HST!
We guarantee STEAK and BL*WJ*BS for every hasher in attendance!
(Veggie options and c*nniling*s will be provided for vegetarians and lesbians. We aim to please!)

Meet us at 2:69pm HST (note the time change!) just south of town at a small gravel parking lot across from Ithaca Brewing Company!
Click here for the map: I WANT BL*WJ*BS!

Bring your virgins! Bring your dogs! Bring your libido!
Prepare to get wet and dirty.
Steak & BJ Day only comes once a year (just like Floss)!

On-rumps and romps,