Ithaca Hash #634: Cough’N’s First Lay

Good day Wankers! Think ahead to Sunday afternoon at oh, about 2:69 p.m:

Still have a hangover from the Brewfest? Well that can be fixed with more BEER (and trail)!

Tired from some Monster-like racism you participated in earlier in the day? Your aches and pains can be cured with BEER (and more trail)!
Have Monday off from work and just want to party? You guessed it: Drink BEER (and run/walk trail) with us!
Got no reason and just wanna hash? That’s cool too.
Meet Hares WowMomWow and Just Les/Cough n’ Get Off/Takes It up the Ass Like a Man/Whatever on Sunday at 2:69 p.m. We meet at the end of Juniper Drive where it meets the South Hill rec way (see link below for map). See you there!
—Wowie & Whatever-His-Name-Is