Ithaca Hash #616: Shindagin @ Braley

Hello fun-loving folks,

Trail this Sunday will be in Shindagin Hollow State Forest.  I suspect that snowshoes would be a good idea for trail, but given the weather, possibly not necessary.  I will not have time to scout before hand, but if past years are any gauge, there will still be at least a foot of snow out there.  No matter what, Shindagin always delivers a fun trail……….

So, we will start on Braley Hill Rd, where the FLT crosses the road.  I am not sure how y’all get those nice maps, so I am going to be “old-fashioned” and just tell you how to get there from Ithaca.

Take RT 79 east out of Ithaca.  Take the first right past Caroline Elementary school onto Boiceville Rd. You will soon come to a stop sign.  Take a left onto Central Chapel Rd.  You will follow this road for about 2 miles when you will come to a “Y” intersection.  Take the road to the right; Braley Hill Rd.  We will start about 1.5 miles down this road where the Finger Lake Trail crosses.  There is a pull off on the left side of the road, and that is where the fun begins!  (WARNING:  distances here are guesstimates)

One Comment on “Ithaca Hash #616: Shindagin @ Braley

  1. Thanks everyone who was there, for such a fun trail! Must remember to bring snowshoes next time, although I do so like to get wet. Sorry I’ll be missing the steak and blowjobs next week!

    Special thanks to Butt Floss for the ride. And Dash for the humping.

    If you’re ever in Rhode Island, make sure you cum out to our hash! Mondays @ 6:30! I’d love to see you again!

    -Holeminer’s Daughter