Ithaca Hash #593: Drinko de Mayo Celebration

OK everyone, it is I CoCo presenting a new and amazing hash for your drinking pleasure. It will be on sunday and starting at 249 HST. It is a DRINKO de MAYO (others may choose to spell this differently) theme so come in costume, or have a damn good excuse as to why you are not in costume. It will start and end at my house. at 367 etna rd ithaca ny. plan for…well i dont know what you should plan for but do some research and you should be ok.

D’erections are here:

there will be a nice field of kickball and pinyatas for afterwards, acompanied by Themed drinks. and perhaps a BBQ or you will just have to eat trail mix and chips instead. but a fantastic oportinity to have a good time will be had by all.

on yet another drinking holiday on