Ithaca Hash #583: Shiggy Slush Hash at Taughannock Park

The weather forecast for Sunday is 42F with rain beginning in the late afternoon, following a Saturday high of 38. So, my experience as a scientist and living upon this earth for (at least) 39 years tells me that the little snow we have now will be melting – rendering conditions unfit for skiing/snowshoeing – but fantastic for SHIGGY! Meet at 2:02pm HST.

So, given this unfortunate change in the weather, Just Jen and I will be setting trail at Taughannock Park for normal shoe-laden feet. We’ll plan on starting at the falls overlook. The overlook is up the hill (west, or left coming from Ithaca) just past the Rt. 89 bridge over Taughannock Creek that runs thru the park. Overlook is less than one mile up the hill on the left.

~Just Jen and Hot Lips