Ithaca Hash #570: 2:00pm this Sunday

Hares: A Lager Runs Through It and Country Cock

Location: Chez Lager (1498 Coddington Rd.).

Details: Please join us at 2pm at Lager’s and Just Jason’s for a beautiful hash wedding. The hash will be departing from there immediately following the ceremonies (so don’t come at 3 ’cause we’ll [probably] be gone).

The trail will be A to B. We prefer that hounds stay at home or are leashed (particularly at the on-in). There will be shiggy and hills, so you decide if it’s kid-friendly. If I haven’t scared you off, there will also be BEER and possibly alcoholic SHOT-TYPE GOODIES (pudding? jello?) and a STUNNING, AWE-INSPIRING, DOWNRIGHT RIGHTEOUS TRAIL and a BBQ and a BONFIRE til the wee hours. Oh, yeah, we’ll get you drunk, we’ll get you hot and bothered, I mean tired, we’ll even feed you. Can I get a Hallelujah, people!!

So, about that beer, anyone have any left over?

D’erections: Coming from Ithaca, get to Coddington Rd. (behind IC) and drive south until you get to 1498. Pretty straightforward, right? It’s the driveway after the John Deere mailbox, on the right a little past Middaugh Rd. and just before Caroline Depot Rd. Drive up the steep driveway and park at the top, along the side, or just stay along the road down at the bottom.

One Comment on “Ithaca Hash #570: 2:00pm this Sunday

  1. Thanks for a great hash! I will definitely return the next time I’m in town.