Ithaca Hash #566: Elaine’s Virgin Trail

So cause a few lame asses were all “uhhh we need to know where we are hashing on Sunday” hello! can’t you read minds? Honestly.

On this Sunday only, 3pm, park your butts at this location!

AKA the MV Columbia Pier at 708 W Buffalo Street. Take 13 to Court Street and go towards the lake. Try not to drive straight into the lake, rather, park somewhere in the gravel. There will be some random chalk art that looks like it was done by a raving psychotic lunatic. Obviously, this is where you need to go. Bonus: this may prepare you for Floss’s hash for the Feast of St Vitus.

EXTRA SUPER BONUS if you ride your bike instead of your car, you eco-hating bastards.

Trail will try to be kid-friendly…but if it ain’t, fuck you! Trail will try to be decent…but if it aint, fuck you! Expect shitty beer and shittier trail!! WOooooooo