Ithaca Hash #547: Willy-Nilly and a little Hilly

Not that I know where the next hash is, but I’ve heard that the hash this weekend will start on Hill Road, inside the Danby State Forest.

To get there from Ithaca:

Take Route 96b up the hill from Aurora Street, past Ithaca College.
You will pass through the town of Danby.
Just on the other side of Danby, turn right onto Curtis Road
Travel to the stop sign where the road seems to end (it actually continues a little to the right).
Take the right off of the stop sign and stay to the right on Hill Road.
Hill Road will become one lane very shortly.
Park just before the one-lane section, either on the side of the road or in the plow turn around on the left.
There should be HHH on the ground.

who knows nothing of the trail