Ithaca Hash #532: Beast-or-Egg Hunt

By popular consensus….this week’s trail has been moved from Easter Sunday back one day to Saturday so that out of town Hashers can cum join the fun. :o)

The Anal “Beast-or-Egg Hunt” has become one of the favorites for all hashers in the NorthEast and has traditionally been hared by Floss and a HOT Harrierette. Not to break from tradition….I will again be haring this year. And….lucky for all of you…..Porcelain Goddess has stepped forward as my new HOT Harrierette assistant. (now…if I could only get her to shower with me like her predecessor) :o)

For those not familiar with the “Beast-or-Egg Hunt”….we will be hiding special “goodies” out on trail at O-checks which must be found before the pack moves forward on trail. It’s truly a blast to set….and run…this trail. So don’t miss out!!!!

Trail will start in the NORTH parking lot at Taughannock Falls State Park on Rt. 89…..about 7 miles north of Ithaca.

Visitors from the North can travel down the West side of Cayuga lake on Rt 89 and will come right to the start.

After the trail is finished…..we will move on up the hill to Chez Floss in Trumansburg and continue partying-till-we-puke throughout the night on all of our found Easter Goodies. Crash space is available and encouraged. (Need directions to Chez Floss??? Ask me off-list)

Party donations will be graciously accepted…. ;o)

On-“Beast-or-Egg Hunt”