Ithaca Hash #526: Dances into the Sunset

Damn it you wankers, can’t a hare get some peace?!  Boohoo, you don’t know when trail is?!  Oh, you pansies want to know where trail starts before we actually start it?!  You wimps, figure it out yourself!  However, since I know it is Dance’s last hash in Ithaca for a long time, I’ll give him di-erections so he don’t have to think so hard.  If you are not Dance’s With Head skip the next paragraph.

The hash will be convening at 2:00 PM on SATURDAY the 15th at Collegetown Bagels.  That is at the corner of College ave and Dryden rd.  This map might help you.  MAP  You should be able to park anywhere around there, meters are free on weekend.

Ok everyone, I’ve asked you to keep reading down here so I can tell you why this hash will be amazing.

1.  Have I mentioned this is the last dance for Dances With Head?  I love him, you love him, let’s give him a going a way worth remembering (or worth trying to remember the next day).

2. The Trail.  This trail will be laid by some of the finest hares to ever learn the trade under Floss’s scheming supervision (I know you all remember the plantations trail from this summer).  Plus, we’re adorable.

3.  The weather.  It will not be raining and might get up to 20 degrees!

4.  The natural-beauty.  With this weather, it’s a perfect opportunity for us to see frozen waterfalls.  If the cold doesn’t take your breath away, the views will.

5.  The fun.  There will be singing, dancing (Baster at least), drinking (a shot check????), and of course the companionship of other people dumb enough to run on Saturdays.

So bring:
your mugs (in to CTB so we can transport them for you if you want to make it easy),
your snowpants (why not)
your adventurous spirit (if its not frozen)
your memories of Dances
your running shoes (or goulashs (sp?))

Your Late (but hopefully not pregnant) Hares,
TOFU, PG, and Mouthful

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