Ithaca Hash #520: TOFU and Head go Better With Butter

Crap – thanks for staying on my butt, Butt Floss, and reminding me to get this out. A wanker I have been…

The start will be in the Buttermilk side of the parking lot, next to the plaza (not the Salvation Army) at the intersection of Spencer Rd and Elmira Rd (13/34/96).

Here’s how to find the hash!

To get there from downtown, make your way to 13.
Take 13 South past all of the shopping centers on the right, U-haul and other fun things on the left, etc.
After passing the U-Haul on the left and Jiffy Lube (not the hasher) on the right, the next traffic light will be the intersection with Spencer.
Just past the traffic light (~20yds) is an entrance to the parking lot.
Head to the back right of the parking lot and look for hashers.

-Dances With Head