Ithaca Hash #508

Since hashers and virgin hashers survived HotLips and Dances last hash “not
for sissies”, Sunday’s hash (5/6) will be for sissies who may be hung-over
from Stinko, cinco, shminko and/or pooped out from the activities that only
spring brings to Ithaca after a long winter. The weather is supposed to be
awesomely warm and sunny. A perfect day to frighten the seasonal hikers at

Time: 3pm (HT)
Place: Upper Buttermilk State Park

Di-Erections: Upper Buttermilk can be accessed from a few places. The
State Park is suppose to begin their seasonal fees at the gate so to avoid
this, park up on Comfort Road [Take 96B out of Ithaca towards Danby. At 3
miles, you’ll see Comfort Road on your right. The park is on your right at
the first bend.] OR you can park at the bottom and walk up. OR… someone
else may have suggestions…