Ithaca Hallowanker Hash #639 D’erections


This Sunday’s ad-hoc, hung-over, why-the-F***-not trail shall convene at 2:69PM, just over the Freese Road Bridge by Monkey Run on Fall Creek. Easy enough for a half-mind, no? That’s what I thought. Check the end for details. The hare promises this to you:

-The trail will be sh*tty.
-The weather will the sh*tty. -The b**r will be good.
– (Why r*n in sh*tty weather for sh*tty b**r?)
-The company will be questionable, at best.
– (If you count on sh*tty company, you may be pleasantly surprised!)
-The on-after may well have a warm fire and cold b**r.

Bring virgins.
Bring c*ms l*t*l**s.
Bring (always!) $5 h*sh c*sh.
Bring yourself.

Yours always in sh*tty r*ns, n**dl*ss *p*str*ph*s, and good b**r,

~M*st*r B*st*r
R*, *H3

MORON MAPPING: It’s off 366. Use Google Maps, ask a buddy, or just head east from Ithaca on 79->366 and take a left on Freese Rd. in Varna, at which point you cross a bridge and take a left. Look for flour.