IH3 #703: The 12 Year Itch

Hey Y’all….
In preparation for this Sunday’s upcuming hash….I offer up the following from our last excursion in this remote area back in 2002………

Dear BW:

As director of the Arnot, I’ll admit some significant hesitancy to allow your organization to use the Arnot Field Campus. I’m generally in support of a group that mixes socialization with running and I note that your group’s trail run allowed members to experience more of the Arnot than most groups.
However, my observation last year was the majority of the group demonstrated vulgar, obscene, and obnoxious behaviors that were admittedly fun-loving but that compromised university codes of conduct that support our educational and research programs. Even though we are a remote site, we are obligated to follow all university standards for conduct, as are people who use the facility.
The behaviors I recall off-hand include: the aggressive and constant use of alcohol, boisterous singing of vulgar songs, rude road-side signs, public nudity, inappropriate driving on the
grounds, and late night fireworks that were quite disruptive. Even though my assertions are supported by common sense, I’ve confirmed with Cornell Legal Counsel and the University Judiciary that your group’s behaviors are in fact inconsistent with university standards. At issue is that the group’s 2002 activities increase the risk of human and facility accidents and cast an inappropriate image on a Cornell University campus.

So, where does this leave us. If your group desires a 2003 function similar to the 2002 function then you should seek other accommodations. If the leadership of the group can guarantee their ability to control behaviors of all members of the group such that are consistent with Cornell University conduct policy then we can discuss your weekend agenda and specifically how the group’s leadership will assure adherence to our required standards.

Please let me know if your group can meet the necessary codes of conduct.


Oh yeah!!!…IH3 knows how to party!!!
My lovely co-hares, Just Gretchen and Just Michelle can barely contain themselves from the excitement of knowing they will have me all to themselves in the woods whilst spreading our wild oats…errrr…I mean spreading flour….for your enjoyment.
Cum join us in the Arnot Forest …. 13 debaucherous years….after our last visit this Sunday at 1:69 PMHST.
611 County Road 13, Cayuta, NY        http://goo.gl/maps/qWSyo