IH3 #689: Tea Party > Festival

Howdy Hashers,
Sorry for the delay, the connection from our cabin in Treman isn’t exactly the fastest. So without further ado, Crimes and I would like to invite you to join us just outside of Treman park at 2:69 (Link at bottom of message) for an Alice in Wounderland themed hash!  Eat Me, Drink Me, Bite Me, as you follow me, Mad as a March Hare Mow down the rabbit hole,  accompanied by our own sexy Crimes as Alice. (We will be dressed up so feel free to join us! Also no harm in duplicate characters, so no worries if you also want to come as Alice).

List of Alice characters:

Expect an average Eagle trail and a short and easy Turkey trail. On-after will be at our cabin if you’d like to stay for campfire snacks and fun!

There’s also a chance that MOW’s parents will be in attendance, so be sure to come prepared with as many embarrassing stories as you can.

Link to Location
> http://goo.gl/maps/luAyQ