IH3 #676: Hashmas Cuntillion!

A hashing we will go a Hashing we will go, come on out even if your slow!

Saturday (YES Saturday) December 22nd
2:00 PM @ the Lady Bug Pub
3447 West Seneca Rd
Trumansburg, NY
Christamas Cuntillian will be had… come to prance thru the woods for the HASH then to the Lady Pub Pub to dance for the big BASH!
Come eat drink and have fun after you go on a wonderful run
Food, Dancing, dog friendly (if they will not eat our chickens and ducks), kid friendly, hot tub is ready, there will bee food so if you know you will be at the hash let us know so we have enough food for all.
Wear your red, wear your green, and Floss wear your formal G-string

Twas the night before hashing, when all through the woods

Not a hasher was stirring, not even PG.

The beer mugs were hung by the cooler to chill

In the hopes that St Dickaless would soon come to fill


The DFL’s were resting before the big run

While visions of Keystone (and Heinekine, Bud, Michelob,Coors)  were filling their heads.

And Kick Stand in his tights and Baster in his stockings had just settled down

in hopes of a long hashing run with lots of fun.


When up the drive way there arose such a clatter.

We left our beers to see what was the matter.

When a little old hasher came out of his truck

Of course it was Floss all covered in muck


Now Mail Bait, now Head, now Wowie and Nurse!

On Titty, On Brides Maid, On Climbing and Spike!

Lead us to the beer near on top of the wall.

Now drink away , drink away, till we all crawl.


The hash was now ended and the Hares spoke not a word

But filled all the beer mugs for even the Nerds

On the singing continued all through the night

In hopes that the next day their eyes would be bright.


Now hash away hash away Hash away all

And come to the pub crawl you’ll sure have a ball