Hash #971

*** Halloweenie is coming! ***

Please note!!!!!! Bring your ID & proof of COVID vaccination on trail with you (card, photo, Excelsior Pass, etc.)

Listen up all you spooky wankers! Your hares, Porcelain Goddess and Arachnoflowbia, invite you to this year’s HALLOWEENIE HASH! Detrails below if you dare…

When: Saturday, October 30th

Also when: 5:69 PM HST

Where: Meet at Liquid State Brewing in Ithaca for prelube.

Why: Because we love to dress up and drink even when it’s not Halloween so why the fuck wouldn’t we do it up when IT IS HALLOWEEN!?

Hash cash: $10 will buy you beer and shot stops but you’ve gotta buy your own drinks at LS before trail because we’re cheap bastards like that.

Costumes required? I want to say yes, but honestly if you show up without a costume, we’ll just make one for you from whatever treasures we find on trail and I’m not sure you’re gonna want that.

Virgins? Yes, especially for sacrificial purposes a la Jennifer’s Body.

Hounds? Nope, leave those sweet puppers at home as this is a concrete jungle trail.

Planning to follow your motto of “better late than pregnant?” Text one of your hares if you’re cumming late and we’ll probably let you know where to meet us. Get at Flowbie = 607-280-4552 for directions; get at PG = 607-342-1341 for dick pics.


On-hashers are the best at Halloween so don’t you dare disappoint-On!