Hash #968

You say, “Don’t mess with Tex-ass.” Well, I say, “Don’t FORK with New YORK!”

Wear ALLLL your PINK to stand with Planned Parenthood and your right to CHOOSE.

This trail has T/E splits up the wazoo! Tastes Like 10th Grade encourages you to MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES as to how long you want to go – go the distance or cut it short – this is a judgement-free zone and you need to do what is best for you and your body!

Rustic camping is allowed in Tex-ass Hollow, and it is very damn near the FULL MOON this Saturday/Sunday weekend AND GUESS WHAT?!?!? Nobody likes a twofer on a full moon weekend like Tasty does! Cum join her Saturday night for a camp out at the Lean-To site on the DEC map (the lean-to doesn’t appear to actually exist but there is a very nice cleared spot). Maybe if she gets her shit together, there will be a keg of quality local beer. Maybe not. Party Party starts with PP.

You know what else starts with PP? Yes, that, but also – Planned Parenthood. Please consider donating a few bucks to this amazing organization that does not just provide safe, non-judgmental help to pregnant people who need an abortion, but a huge range of medical and emotional resources to people of all genders who need care to maintain a healthy sexual life.

Now for the good stuff:

Location: Texas Hollow State Park, Look for HHH at North Parking on DEC map on Texas Hollow Rd.