Hash #937

Dearest Wankers, Wankees, Wankeroos, Wankereenies, Wankarettas, and just plain old Wanks! The season had turned, and it’s time to turn our thoughts to self care and preparing for the colder months. What better way to heat things up then with some hot virgin action?!?!

This trail brought to you by Plaid-o-pussy and Spluigi is a triple-hat of sweet virgin scoring! We’ve got a virgin hare laying trail in virgin territory with a pack of virgins in tow!

Round up as many of your juiciest nubile virgins as you can get, put them in their loosest chastity belts and meet up on trail for some revirgination. Wear your sexiest skivvies to entice the virgins out of their theirs.  You can even wear your own chastity belt to proclaim your new found virginity. Then you get to decide who you’ll give the key to for your second first time!
There will be plenty of beer and virgin themed shots for proper lubrication of all your bits at this fest!

This fresh piece of hash snatch will be located at the Steven Forest Preserve on Trumbulls Corner Road near the route 327 end at 1:69 p.m Sunday October 4th.

Dogs are allowed and do not need to be leashed.  Virgins are encouraged and should be in whatever control garments are required to keep them in line.

Please practice proper sanitation, social distancing, mask wearing, panty liners for your chastity belts and call your friggin mother cause she was a virgin once too a long long long long time ago.

94 Trumbulls Corners Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850

On-after could happen at the Sebring Inn if you wanks are game. 
On-cherry popping-On!