Hash #934

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! It’s a hashing day!

Cum one! Cum all! Your hares, BVD & PG, cordially invite you to go with the flow and cum out to The Underwear Party Hash!

You can sport your unmentionables as we lead you on a wild shiggy-filled adventure down in the hollow. There will be surprises. Maybe even some prizes. Beer, of course. Wine, sure. And so much more. Forecasts indicate there may even be blood on trail this time of month. Oh boy! You don’t want to miss it.

WHEN: Sunday, Sept. 6th at 2:69 HST
WHERE: Michigan Hollow

Dropped pin
Near 601-473 Bald Hill Rd, Spencer, NY 14883


HASH CASH: As always, $5 - apparently the kids are all using Venmo these days - @HCIH3 or the older wanks can use PayPal hc@ithacah3.org or the least preferred option...you can sanitize some cash after you take it out of your underwear.

DOG FRIENDLY: Yes, though they will need to be leashed in parts

VIRGIN FRIENDLY: Must remained leashed throughout

DRY BAG: Maybe? Never a bad idea really. 

ON-AFTER: We don’t know. Suggestions will be considered and either ignored, sneered at, or accepted.