Hash #930

Meat up with your Hares, PG & Tasty, for the hottest, wettest hash of the summer! Wear your skimpiest bikini, your flimsiest banana hammock, some sturdy water shoes, a face mask and get ready for some good Old-Fashioned Pandemic-Style romping through the WILDerness.

WHEN: Sunday, July 12th 2:69 HST

WHERE: Back entrance to Taughannock State Park on Jacksonville Rd. https://goo.gl/maps/S7tjyh5aBT7PpXHp8

HASH CASH: As always, $5 – apparently the kids are all using Venmo these days – @HCIH3 or the older wanks can use PayPal hc@ithacah3.org or total Luddites can sanitize their Abe Lincoln with bleach, seal it in a sharps container, throw it into Thank You’s trunk where it will remain until the summer sun autoclaves it.

DOG FRIENDLY: Yes, though they will need to be leashed in parts

VIRGIN FRIENDLY: Must remained leashed throughout

DRY BAG: Always a good idea unless you like sitting around in wet clothes and shoes

ON-AFTER: At Floss’s House for pizza and outdoor shenanigans. 8 Corey St., Trumansburg for the uninitiated.