Hash #915


Trail! Sunday! 12/29! Brought to you by the Twat and Splooge organization.

Theme: Fuck it. The theme is fuck it. It’s the end of both the decade and the Christmas season. We’re all tired and ready for the new year, new beginnings, etc. Interpretation and execution of said (lazy) theme are entirely open to you, the wanker. Or New Year’s. Let’s just say it’s New Year’s themed. You choose!

On-after: In the spirit of new beginnings, Twatty and I will be having a housewarming-ish get together after trail. There will be pizza, there will be booze, there will be games, there will even be crash space, should any halfminds need it.

Hash cash $5, virgins and dogs ok, but bring leashes and poo bags for both, and maybe exercise some level of judgement? Up to you. Trail may or may not be a shitshow. Who knows!

Trail starts 1:69pm and will begin and end at our house, which we are tentatively naming Pointy Palace. Address is 100 Crystal Dr. Dryden, NY. Red house at the top of the hill. The pointy one.

Somehow relevant:

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